Who We Are?

Our Mission

The STEM Equity Network aims to identify and discuss the current roadblocks to achieve gender equity at senior levels within all STEM professions in Australia, and to carve out a series of steps we as a community can take to address this issue.

Exploring possibilities

We want to create a space where we can stem (pun totally intended) the loss of mid-career STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) professionals and develop equality in all leadership positions.  Whilst there has been a large emphasis lately on encouraging girls and young women to become interested a STEM professions, one of the greater problems is not in schools but in the workforce after they leave university.  A combination of family pressure, unconscious bias and female lack of confidence along with another thousand other things combine to squeeze many mid-career females out of leadership positions.  

The gender balance between recent graduates,
mid-career and Stem leaders decreases significantly as you go up the chain of command, however this is now being addressed by government and industry alike with programs such as the Australian Academy of Science Women in Stem Decadal Plan.  We intend to address these issues by interviewing leaders in the STEM community and asking them first where they think the problems are and how we can work on fixing them.  

Delivering opportunities

  • Weekly interviews with STEM professionals and leaders, asking about their experiences, where they believe the issues are and thoughts on how we can fix them.
  • Building up a framework of strategies and actions based on responses from interviewees and opinion leaders
  • Running training schemes to help STEM professionals improve in areas such as leadership, confidence building, juggling work and family etc
  • Development of evaluation, measurement and reporting structures to gauge the effectiveness of current strategies and actions
  • Building a network of STEM professionals dedicated to driving equality in STEM leadership positions